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Our bloggers write about their experiences of raising a disabled or seriously ill child and the things that really make a difference to them. They all have very different lives, but all have experience of being a disabled young person, or the parent, carer or sibling of one. Their stories can be thoughtful, informative funny, heart-rending, angry or all of these at once. Fancy joining our team of bloggers and writing about your experiences?  Get in touch.


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    Contributing bloggers


    Yasmin is a single mum to a 14 year old son with autism, ADHD and SPD and a four year old daughter with autism. She set up her blog when her daughter was going through diagnosis in the hope of helping other families with a connection to autism.



    Miriam shares stories of her twins Isaac and Naomi, both of whom are on the spectrum, and their life in Scotland.



    Laura is making it her mission to get supermarkets to stock larger size nappies at affordable prices for disabled families. She shares her experiences and stories about her family life caring for her son Brody who is currently undiagnosed.



    Marc runs the Little Blue Cup Project. A website dedicated to reuniting children with disabilities with items they have lost or broken. Alongside the project Marc blogs about his life as a full time carer to his three children.