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We provide other help alongside our main grant programme. Read more about our digital skills programme, sleep support, information provision and other grant support.


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Alongside our financial grant support, we can also provide help to families through two other grant schemes, Take a Break and Sibling Matter Too.


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We are very lucky to have so many of our families write blogs for us, describing what day-to-day life is like, both the highs and the lows, in their own words.


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Supporting tens of thousands of children, with hundreds of conditions


Every year, we help tens of thousands of families raising children with a wide variety of conditions, many of whom have multiple conditions. We can provide support for any application where the child’s condition meets our disability criteria, and this means we receive applications that cover many different illnesses and disabilities.

The most prevalent condition amongst children of families who receive support is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), with 25,254 families helped who included ASD as a condition, and we have seen a steady increase in this number over the last few years.

The ten most prevalent conditions remain unchanged compared to last year, with generally minor fluctuations in numbers. However, in the last year, we have seen a rise of 25% in the number of families applying where the child has a mental health condition. This tallies with recent findings that indicate the proportion of children and young people saying they have a mental health condition has grown six-fold in England over two decades, and has increased significantly across the UK.

We are particularly aware of the challenges faced by families raising children who have rare conditions (defined by the EU as “where incidence is less than 5 in 10,000 of the general population”) and may be eligible for our help. We know that these families may not have the support networks and organisations that more prevalent conditions have established, and finding where to get help that meets their particular needs, including finding out about Family Fund, can be more difficult. There are currently 553 conditions considered ‘rare’ amongst families on our database, but we know there may well be more that we are not reaching.

Although the rarity of a condition does not in and of itself mean that Family Fund would be able to help, we want to ensure we are not missing the chance to reach those families who may need our support. As part of our outreach activities, we have worked on expanding our contacts with support organisations for such conditions and increased the number of opportunities and events we have to connect with families raising children with rare conditions.

Most prevalent conditions among children of families applying to Family Fund 2017/18

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